About Us

Born out of the love of clothing, White Canvas by Sapna Raj was materialized in 2014. We started in a small studio space out of sheer passion and gradually have moved into an elegant store space in the heart of the city. From hand-sewing clothes for dolls as a child to being able to cater to a wide range of clients has truly been a journey to be grateful for.


We at White Canvas enjoy playing with the immense textures the fabrics of India has to offer and the plenty of colors we see around us all day. Our forte lies in bringing these two elements together beautifully in a one ensemble. We strive to celebrate the different body types the diverse nature of our country presents us with and attempt to serve comfort in the form of clothes. 


At a philosophical level, we seek to shift the perception towards occasion wear from being over the top and confining to having the ease of wearing and appreciating the subtle details. A White Canvas woman is one who is strong, neither a rebel nor a pushover and accepts herself the way she is and we attempt to reflect it through our clothing.

With all love and vision to progress in this journey we started our sister label : White Canvas Turkey